Let me start by saying I do not know the answer to that genuinely disturbing question.

But since there is a claim that daughter Ashley Blazer Biden’s diary suggests he did, I am – again, with reservations – making note of said claim.

There are two reasons I do so:

One is Biden’s history of inappropriate physical contact with women, including underage girls.  Mr. Biden seems to have no capacity to stop himself from touching/hovering over/sniffing females – as the numerous videos and pictures of him behaving this way show.

The  other is that, when Donald Trump’s niece put out a book in which she accused Trump of paying someone to take his SAT’s for him and get into the U of Penn – absolutely unevidenced, with the widow of the guy who supposedly did it for him declaring it never happened, our media were happy to jump all over the claim and make that book a huge best-seller.

Well, under the “what goes around, comes around” rule, that would make this story just as valid and certainly just as newsworthy.  But no mainstream media I have seen will say a word about it.  So I’ve decided to do so.

With the above in mind, here is what we know about Ashley Blazer Biden’s alleged claim, excerpted from Patrick Howley’s article for nationalfile.com:

National File has obtained what a whistleblower has identified as a copy of the complete diary of Ashley Blazer Biden, the 39-year-old daughter of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, dating from during the 2020 presidential campaign. National File also knows the reported precise location of the physical diary, and has been told by a whistleblower that there exists an audio recording of Ashley Biden admitting this is her diary.

In the diary, which our source says belongs to the former vice president’s daughter, the author writes of her struggle with drug abuse. Ashley Biden’s struggle with drugs was widely publicized in 2009.

According to our source, the diary also details Ashley Biden’s unhealthy relationship with sex, and the “probably not appropriate” showers she shared as a young girl with her father, Joe Biden.

“Was I molested. I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma,” wrote the author, before listing a series of potential incidents, one of which may have included Ashley Biden’s cousin Caroline Biden, as the author says she remembers “being somewhat sexualized” alongside a person named “Caroline.”

The author then wrote that she remembers “showers with my dad” that were “probably not appropriate.”

If you use the link I’ve provided and read the entire piece (which I very much hope you do) you will see that it includes what are alleged to be pages from the actual, hand-written diary, detailing this information.

Let me once more say that I do not know if any of what you just read is true.  But I do know that, based on how our media have conducted themselves during this campaign (not to mention the past four years), if this were Trump’s daughter it would be first-page/lead story news everywhere.

So there it is.  You decide what to make of it.

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