I have to ask the above question, because, last night, at an event in South Carolina, Mr. Biden informed his audience that he worked with China’s Deng Xiaoping on the Paris Climate Accords.

The problem?  The Paris accords were signed in 2016…but Deng Xiaoping died in 1997.

Want to  see/hear the video?  Click here. You will be treated to this latest “gaffe”, along with Biden’s patented “I was the guy who….” routine, which precedes every claim he makes about, seemingly, everything that happened in the past half century.

At what point do we stop calling these “gaffes” and acknowledge that Joe Biden, whatever he once was, is not that person today?  That there is a loss of sharpness, of mental acuity?  That he is significantly debilitated?

This is not a sarcasm.  This is an honest, sincere opinion, based on the ongoing list of “Deng Xiaoping” moments Mr. Biden has had throughout this campaign.  And I find it very hard to believe other people don’t see this as clearly as I do.

Are Democrats so desperate for a (relatively-speaking) moderate alternative to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren who might be able to win, that they have to cling to what is left of Joe Biden?

Not a good situation for him.  Or his party.

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