I concede that, at first blush, the above question might seem strange. After all, didn’t Republican Ron DeSantis defeat Democrat Andrew Gillum to become Florida’s new Governor? And isn’t Republican Rick Scott ahead of Democrat Bill Nelson for Florida’s senate seat?

But another vote also took place yesterday:  Amendment 4.

By passing Amendment 4, Florida voters reinstated voting rights for convicted felons.

How significant is this?

Well, how about the fact that passage of this amendment reinstates voting rights for 1.5 million convicted felons?  And that a highly disproportionate percentage of these convicted felons are Black, which, according to historic voting patterns, makes almost all of them Democrats?

Currently, Republicans can win state elections in Florida.  But has demonstrated just yesterday, the votes are almost always close.  Adding 1.5 million convicted felons to the voting rolls will make such victories long shots at best.  And that, obviously, goes for Floida’s electoral vote in presidential years as well.

Simply stated, I can make a serious case that the vote on Amendment 4 is the single most significant outcome of yesterday’s entire nationwide election.  Because it almost certainly has turned a reddish-purple state into a blue one

Incoming Governor DeSantis might want to think about how he can address this issue during his years in Tallahassee.


  • The wording was very specific regarding what type of felons who completed their sentence could vote. In reality only a small percentage will likely vote despite receiving that right. We were discussing whether child molesters were included in the gym today and it was determined that it’s irrelevant as voting is in schools and other places where children go. We did have a good laugh about that prospect, i.e. you are allowed to vote but are not allowed to go where you vote.

    • Steve – I understand your point. But even if only a paltry 20% of them went to the polls – far less than the state average – there would be a bump of 300,000 vastly Democrat votes.

  • @ Schneider Steven :
    1. Ex-cons don’t care about voting. Now, if they could get welfare payments to buy a gun . . . THAT would be of interest.

    2. Ex-Cons can vote by mail. In fact, if they request a mail-in ballot, they could sell it to the local Dem Ward-Heeler for at least $50.

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