I’m trying to come up with a word to describe how much you would have to hate Donald Trump to believe Joe Biden’s idiotic inference that he is somehow responsible for the fires and floods ravaging areas of the West Coast, along with Hurricanes that threaten the East Coast and Gulf of Mexico.  And, to tell you the truth, I’m struggling to find one.

From Tyler O’Neil’s article at pjmedia.com, we have this incredible accusation:

On Monday, Democratic nominee Joe Biden condemned President Donald Trump as a “climate arsonist,” predicting that if the president wins reelection in November, America will witness more “hellish” events like fires in the West, flooding in the Midwest, and hurricanes on the East Coast. He effectively promised that if he wins, America will suffer from fewer fires, fewer floods, and fewer hurricanes.

“If you give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised if we have more of America ablaze? If you give a climate denier four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised when more of America is under water?” Biden asked.

“Donald Trump’s climate denial may not have caused these fires and record floods and record hurricanes, but if he gets a second term, these hellish events will continue to become more common, more devastating, and more deadly,” the Democrat insisted.

Trump is responsible for fires???

It’s not nature?   It’s not aggressive environmentalists fighting to prevent forests from being cleared of the dead wood that kindles, strengthens and extends the area of fires?  It’s not the anarchist lunatics that are setting some of the fires (read this, this and  this)?  It’s Trump????

You would have to either be a moron to believe this, or so full of hate that you’d believe anything about Trump – both of which Biden is counting on.

And what exactly is Biden going to do about stopping these things from happening?  Does anyone in her/his right mind believe electing Joe Biden will cause fewer hurricanes?  Floods?

You might as well believe he’ll walk on the unflooded water he created too…not to mention parting the Red Sea.

This is exactly the kind of “voters are idiots, we can tell them anything” verbal vomit that you might expect from someone who has spent his entire adult life in the Washington DC bubble and, despite his “I’m just a guy from Scranton” riff, knows little else.

But, lamentably, there are some people who – again, either because they are just as mindless as Biden hopes, or because they hate Trump enough – will go for it.

I pity them.


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