On election night, it looked like Republican Rep. Martha McSally, a combat veteran-turned-politician, had narrowly won the Arizona senate seat formerly held by John McCain over Democrat hard leftist Kyrsten Sinema.

The narrowness of the victory was appalling.  During the campaign video surfaced of Sinema insulting the intelligence of Arizonans – her own constituency – and apparently having no problem with Americans who went to fight for the taliban.

Well, it just got worse.  The after-election count – an astonishingly high 660,000 or so votes – now has put Sinema in the lead.

The good news is that there are still about a half-million more votes to count, so this could change.  The bad news is that the first 160,000 turned a 17,000 lead for McSally into a 9,000 deficit…and there is no guarantee that this trend won’t continue.

The best thing I can say about this is that if Arizona really did elect Kyrsten Sinema over Martha McSally, Sinema’s assessment of them is apparently pretty accurate.

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  • We should all give the media a big hand for such a successful election for Democrats. They could never have done it without them.

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