…Jerrold Nadler made an absolute ass of himself by telling Corey Lewandowski that he did not have executive privilege, when the executive privilege Lewandowski invoked was that of President Trump?

Is it possible that Nadler is such a complete dumbkopf that after all these years in the House of Representatives, including most of this year as chair of the Judiciary Committee, he doesn’t know how executive privilege works?

Or is it that he figures his supporters are dumbkopfs, and think he’s making a valid point?

Regardless, it was just one of the many ways that yesterday’s hearing was a pathetic joke.

And the joke, primarily, is on Democrats – a fact Nadler and his pals seem impervious to, but has certainly occurred to the feckless Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi – as seen in the next blog


  • What bothered me the most is all the times Lewandowski said “I asked and answered your question”.
    Didn’t he realize how stupid that sounds???

  • If the President has the right to fire a Special Prosecutor or Attorney General, and he does, then who gives a damn if he floated the idea to Lewandowski or anyone else? I sure don’t. And he didn’t fire either one of them so what’s the big deal?

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