Dianne Binns, now 70 years of age, is a life-long civil rights activist.  At one time she was President of the NAACP’s St. Paul, Minnesota chapter.

Ms. Binns has no trouble with telling the truth, and saying it in the angry, profane way some people do when overwhelmed with rage, anger and frustration.

There she was, in St. Paul, Minneapolis’ sister city, to get medication for her daughter’s health needs….when she found herself in the middle of St. Paul’s version of what so many grossly dishonest media venues are calling “protests”, “mostly peaceful” and “about George Floyd’s death”.

Ms. Binns knows better.

Here is the short version of what she screamed to people off-camera:

“St. Paul ain’t got shit to do with what happened…These people don’t give a damn about George Floyd…These motherfuckers need to go home.” 

Want to see/hear her full comment (which, trust me, is exactly in the same context as what you just read)?

No problem at all.  Just click here for Marlo Safi’s article at dailycaller.com and scroll down.

Am I in love with how Ms. Binns said this?  No, of course not.  And, in a calmer moment, I’m guessing she wouldn’t be either.

But as someone who knows the damage behavior like this does to the civil rights movement – how it hardens racial attitudes against Black people (as if all Blacks were looting/vandalizing/burning/destroying, instead of a small minority) – this must be killing her.

My sympathies (and the bar of soap my mother would have threatened me with) to Dianne Binns.  I wouldn’t have put it quite the way you did, but our sentiments are very much the same.

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