I dedicate the first part of this blog to the “I believe” people who take christine blasey ford at her word that she “knows” Brett Kavnaugh tried to rape her…at a teenage “gathering 36 years ago which she can’t remember the location of, or when it happened, or who else was there (every person she named denied knowing a thing about the party), or how she got there (miles from her home), or how she got back, or anything else.

How do you feel about Sharyn Bovat?

Don’t know who she is?  No surprise at all.  So I’ll tell you.

Sharyn Bovat was the woman who claims she was sexually assaulted by one of Diane Feinstein’s big donors at a fundraising event in 1990 at San Francisco’s Fairmont Hotel…and that Feinstein not only covered it up, but got rid of Bovat when she reported it.

Ms. Bovat’s account is detailed here.  Be sure to read every word.

Do you believe her?  OF COURSE you do.  Women who claim they were sexually assaulted must be believed.  Therefore, Diane Feinstein facilitated and abetted the sexual assault of Ms. Bovat and must be held to account, right?

Let me end by speaking to the rest of you – including readers who do not demand that every woman who comes forth with a claim of sexual impropriety must be believed, as if all women tell the truth and all men lie.

I acknowledge that I don’t know whether Sharyn Bovat is telling the truth.  But I do know she can tell us when it happened, where it happened, and what was going on when it happened and on whose behalf (hotel records should not be hard to check).

Should the FBI be investigating?  Unlike the christine blasey ford claim, there actually is something to investigate.

And while they are doing so, maybe they can also investigate that Chines spy who drove Feinstein for all those years, which mainstream media decided to give the 1-2 days and out coverage to…

…you know, the mainstream media which assure us they are neutral.

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