Did you know that academic excellence is racist?

Well, if New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio and School Chancellor Richard Carranza have their way, that is what you are about to find out.

Excerpted from Sumantra Maitra’s bizarro-world article at

Merit is now considered racist, as New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio’s new education advisory committee suggests. A panel de Blasio appointed recently recommended ending selective merit-based programs in city public schools, even when no evidence supports the accusation of racial discrimination simply because people of some racial backgrounds fail to achieve as much as others do.

As Christine Rosen writes in Commentary, “The advisory panel describes merit-based testing and other screening procedures used in New York City’s public schools as ‘exclusionary admissions practices,’ not because they found any evidence of racial bias in the screening procedures but simply because the outcome of screening does not perfectly reflect the demographic make-up of the city.” The recommendation is therefore to “stop using academic criteria to screen applicants for admission to public middle schools, and to phase out elementary gifted-and-talented programs that now require a test.”

This is just the next step in active discrimination against hardworking students, for the sake of equal outcome. De Blasio and his schools’ chancellor, Richard Carranza, previously pushed to cut Asian enrollments. An absolute mindless discrimination is going on against selective “specialized high schools,” which are dominated by working-class Asian American students. The city’s Independent Budget Office conducted a study, finding that de Blasio’s plan would increase black and Hispanic enrollment from 10 percent to about 50 percent at these schools, while cutting Asian and white enrollment in half.

 Translation:  if students who excel in school do not perfectly or near-perfectly approximate the racial composition of New York City…

…instead of working to improve the educational outcomes of students who do not excel, the city will get rid of schools for students who do excel.

Yep, that’ll help things out alright:

-Excellent students, regardless of race, will no longer be given a chance to soar academically.

-And, of course, punishing students who overachieve because too many of them are from a given race, will not create any racial tensions at all.   Everyone will be so happy.

Bizarre doesn’t begin to describe this excrement-show.

New York City voted to elect Bill De Blasio as mayor. Twice.

Therefore (though, as a product of the New York City public school system, it pains me to say this) the voters deserve exactly what they elected.

I hope they’re good and happy with it

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  • I have to send this story to my best friend, he and I were hanging out 2 weeks ago and told him I thought as a species we have reached “Peak Intelligence”. I said once schools of higher education started admitting students for any other reason besides intelligence, we had reached the peak. For every accommodation enrollment, that means a person who is more intelligent lost that spot.
    Now, I read this and it just goes further to prove my hypothesis.

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