Another example (among the many) of Democrats doing everything in their power to maximize the prospect of illegal voting taking place.

Excerpted from Bruce Schreiner’s article for the Associated Press, via

 Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear on Friday vetoed a bill pushed by Republican lawmakers to require Kentucky residents to show a government-issued photo ID in order to vote.

In his veto message, the governor said the measure would create an obstacle to voting, resulting in fewer people casting ballots and “undermining our democracy.”

Beshear, a former state attorney general, added that the bill seeks to “resolve a problem that does not exist,” pointing to the absence of voter impersonation cases in Kentucky.

Secretary of State Michael Adams urged lawmakers to override the veto. The measure passed the Senate and House by wide enough margins to overcome a veto. The GOP-led legislature is scheduled to reconvene April 13.

“I ask the legislators of both parties who believe in election integrity and passed this law to override this regrettable veto, and I hope the governor will eventually join me in governing from the center,” Adams said in a statement.

It would “would create an obstacle to voting, resulting in fewer people casting ballots”?  You’re damn right it would,Governor.  It would create an obstacle to voting illegally.  It would create no obstacle at all to legal voters.

This is played out in state after state.  Legislation that requires voters to do nothing other than demonstrate they are who they say they are is fought tooth and nail by Democrats, on the grounds that it somehow suppresses voting from taking place…as if legal voters would in any way be affected.

And their “logic” – i.e. that there are very few if any examples of voter fraud – would be laughable if it weren’t so transparent.  OF COURSE you won’t find voter fraud if you’re not checking for it. 

Using this “logic”, a bank teller could steal a bank blind, and as long as no one checked to see how much money the teller started and ended with each day there would be no evidence of the teller’s daily robbery at all.

Every poll I have ever seen shows a majority of people support voter ID laws.  And with no exceptions I can think of, every effort to prevent them from being enacted into law is made by Democrats.

Why is this the case?

You do the math.  I doubt you’ll find it very hard.

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