Some people just can’t let go.  Especially when we’re talking about a Democrat-appointed judge willing to subordinate his professional reputation to “getting” the guy he’s supposed to get.

From Dan Mangan and Kevin Breuninger’s article at we have this:

  • The judge in Michael Flynn’s criminal case asked a federal appeals court Thursday to reconsider its ruling ordering him to dismiss the prosecution of the former national security advisor to President Donald Trump.
  • Judge Emmet Sullivan’s lawyer asked for a so-called en banc review of the decision of the appeals court, which would involve all active judges on the court to re-hear the case.

My understanding is that, in situations like this, the presiding judge almost always says “OK” and accedes to the higher court.

But not Judge Sullivan.  He’s got Donald Trump’s guy Michael Flynn in his sights and, by god, despite the mountain of ameliorating evidence that made it clear Flynn should never have been convicted in the first place, he’s going to do everything he can to “get” him anyway.

In case you wonder how a Judge with a decent reputation self-degenerates into a laughingstock, stay current on Judge Sullivan and Michael Flynn.  Consider it a tutorial.

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  • Unfortunately, the D’s control the House, so there is no way to remove Sullivan and other judges like him from the bench. Let’s hope if by divine luck we have a R controlled Congress and Presidency that they use the power we give them to clean house.

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