This is truly disgusting

Excerpted from David Wildstein’s article for

A letter from President Donald Trump that accompanied U.S. Department of Agriculture fresh food boxes for Linden was replaced by one from the city’s Democratic mayor, Derek Armstead.

Food boxes were opened by local public works department employees.  Trump’s letter was removed and a letter from Armstead was added.

“The original letter in these boxes was removed, and the mayor had city employees put in his letter on work time,” said Councilwoman Gretchen Hickey, a Democrat and an Armstead political rival.

Armstead acknowledged that his message was added to the box, offering local residents the impression to recipients that the food came from him.

“Whenever I do a delivery, I always add a letter from the mayor,” Armstead told  the New Jersey Globe.

Trump says his administration has delivered 100 million Farmers to Families food boxes since May as part of a program to send nutritious food to families in need.

Included in the box is a letter from Trump on White House stationary that includes guidance to reduce the risk of being infected with COVID-19.

“The Mayor bragged about himself and his hand-outs,” Hickey said.  “Trickery, deceitfulness, and theft for votes is very much alive in Linden.”

So let me get this straight:  Linden, New Jersey Mayor derek armstead has workers – who knows who they are or even if they washed their hands – open boxes of food for families in need, so he can take out the letter from President Trump – who sent the food – and replace it with one from him – which might con those families into thinking armstead was the one who sent it.

What derek armstead did is dishonest, disgusting, and unsanitary….and that is before we get to the dirty politics part.

Did this dishonest, disgusting mayor at least copy the COVID-19 information President Trump included in his letter?

If I were a citizen of Linden, New Jersey, I would be demanding this “man’s” apology, and his resignation immediately.  I wonder if any such demand will be made, and whether armstead would pay any attention to it.

Maybe he could have his workers remove the demand and replace it with a demand that he stay in office for another term…


  • armstead is wasting his time in State politics, he needs to move to the big leagues, this proves he is ready for the Federal Government.

  • New Jersey has the best political leaders that money can buy.

    And they are honest!
    Once they are bought, they stay bought.

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