Last Thursday, the new york times international edition published an overtly anti-Semitic cartoonIt was unacceptable.

On Friday, the new york times “apologized” for doing so (without stating the words “apologize” or “sorry”).  It was unacceptable.

On Sunday, after being heavily, and justifiably, attacked for its BS “apology”, the new york times published a real apology, stating “We are deeply sorry for the publication of an anti-Semitic cartoon last Thursday…”  That might have been acceptable…


Incredibly, on Saturday, the day between its two apology attempts, the new york times international edition published a second anti-Semitic cartoon, just as bad as the first.

Here it is:

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This one has Netanyahu, blind, wearing biblical-times clothing in a dark, foreboding background, egotistically taking a selfie, while holding up an item with a Jewish star on it.

After seeing the first of these cartoons, I posted this comment:

If julius streicher were still alive he would have proudly published this in Der Stürmer.  But, instead, there it is in the New York Times.

You can safely assume I would say the same about the second cartoon as well.

What’s next for der new york times?  A cartoon of yasir arafat’s ghost crapping on Netanyahu’s head?

For as long as I can remember, the new york times has been owned by owned by self-hating Jews who have never given Israel much more than the back of their hand.  But by publishing this filth, it is taking things to a new, far lower level.

Earlier in this blog I cited the nazi subhuman julius streicher.  Let me now cite another Julius:  Julius Lowenthal, the hear/see/speak no evil Jew portrayed in Katherine Anne Porter’s “Ship of Fools”

“Listen, there are nearly a million Jews in Germany. What are they going to do? Kill all of us?”

How many Jews are there in the United States?  And, buoyed by the kind of material now pumped out by der new york times, what are they going to do?  Bomb our synagogues?   Maybe worse in the future?

Don’t ever think it can’t happen again.

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  • I guess the NYT’s doesn’t have to worry about being cutoff by facebook, twitter, youtube, paypal etc.

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