I have always had a good deal of respect for Chuck Schumer.  While I often disagree with him politically, he has been a strong senator and an ongoing progenitor of what I call “counter-punch” legislation – i.e. legislation that does not address anticipated problems, but problems after they have arisen.

That is why it saddens me that in his new position as Senate Minority Leader, he has decided to act like such a tired, stale political hack.

We saw this in action last week, with his hopelessly hackneyed “Make America Sick Again” line, intended to convince a public which never wanted ObamaCare that repealing it would put them all in jeopardy.  This amazingly unoriginal little play on words disappeared almost as fast as it came – presumably because it had no impact on anyone.

Then there was that impossibly phony crocodile-tears performance a few days ago, in which Mr. Schumer decried a 3 month suspension of entry from a handful of terrorist-rich countries, while serious vetting procedures were created.

And now, after President Trump’s perfectly legal, perfectly understandable firing of the insubordinate Sally Yates as acting AG, Mr. Schumer gives us this:

“We’ve had a number, a large number of eloquent speeches about the president’s executive order. And while they were going on, of course, we had a ‘Monday Night Massacre.’ Sally Yates, a person of great integrity, who follows the law, was fired by the president. She was fired because she would not enact, pursue the executive order on the belief that it was illegal, perhaps unconstitutional. It was a profile in courage. It was a brave act. And a right act. And I hope the president and his people who are in the White House learn something from this.”

As Chuck Schumer well knows, Yates – an Obama appointee sitting in the AG chair only until Jeff Sessions is confirmed – which may happen as early as today – has no right to defy the President’s orders unless they are specifically unconstitutional – which she is in no position to decide, no matter what her opinion might happen to be.  But Schumer apparently thought the “Monday Night Massacre” line – which, is supposed to somehow tie Donald Trump to Richard Nixon – was a peachy keen idea.

It isn’t.  It is every bit as tired, stale and hackneyed as the other crap he is trying to foist on us.

Will some people react well to this utter sh…er, stuff?

The good news is that, sure, some will.  The bad news, however, is that they are disproportionately likely to be older, and lifelong straight party-line Democrats.

Is that supposed to raise the Democrat Party from the ashes it now finds itself among?

Time to stop regressing, Chuck.  You sound like a bad movie, with a plot everyone has seen a dozen times already.

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  • Most Dangerous Place in Washington DC:

    Standing between Chuckie Schumer and a Video Camera.

    Guy is just . LENS LICE

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