The latest on Justin Fairfax, Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, who has been accused of forced oral sex and rape:  According to NBC news, his two female accusers say that, if there are impeachment hearings, they will testify against him.

How are thing among the Democrat hierarchy in Virginia?  Let’s see:

-Governor ralph northam came out in favor of up-to-the-moment-of-birth abortion – which sane people understand as infanticide – and for deciding whether a newborn baby should die after it is out of the womb, which absolutely, unequivocally is infanticide, no issue at all.

Then, when there was a major firestorm over these positions (how could there not have been), we suddenly found out his medical yearbook page had a picture of two males, one in blackface and the other in a ku klux klan outfit.  First he apologized for being in blackface and then, a day later, claimed it wasn’t him and suggested facial recognition technology (on who?  The guy in blackface or the one with a klan hood?).

-Justin Fairfax, the Lieutenant Governor, faces sexual attack charges – forced oral sex and rape – so grievous that even his fellow Democrats are demanding he resign.  Impeachment hearings are being pursued in the Virginia legislature and, according to NBC news, his two female accusers say that they will testify against him.

-Mark Herring, the Attorney General, while in college, also put on blackface, supposedly to go to a party looking like a “rapper”.

As I have pointed out in a previous blog, though I find the use of blackface offensive under all circumstances, I can see the possibility that northam and Herring did not intend it as a negative portrayal of Black people.

And while I hope that Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax gets everything coming to him if the rape charges are true, let’s not forget that he denies them, and that, while the accounts of his two accusers from a good many years ago (the alleged rape took place in 2000, the alleged forced oral sex took place in 2004) are harrowing, and both say they told others about it, you don’t convict on a she said/he said situation.  Remember the “witnesses” who melted away during the Brett Kavanaugh circus?  Who’s to say it won’t happen with Fairfax?

The one and only situation where there is no doubt and I cannot find any rationale, is Governor northam’s support of infanticide.  And that, of course, is precisely what just about no one in media is talking about anymore.

Are the “blackface discovery”, from 35 years ago, and Herring’s, from 39 years ago ,being used to divert attention from ralph northam’s stated, on-video position that it is up to a mother and her family to decide whether her living child should be allowed to die?

That, folks, is the current state of Democrat politics in Virginia – and what Democrats elsewhere have to try to explain away.

I don’t envy them the effort.

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