In case you have any doubts that chaos is a possibility – maybe a probability – maybe a near certainty at the Democratic Convention, this will probably help you to see the light.

From an article at Fox News:

Bernie Sanders is attempting to wage a fight to the finish for the Democratic presidential nomination — and to upend the party’s “rigged” system — by trying to remove key convention officials.

The Sanders campaign has called former Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank and Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy “aggressive attack surrogates” for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

And it formally requested that Frank and Malloy be removed as co-chairmen, respectively, of the Rules and Platform committees at the Democratic National Convention.

If Democrats had any hope that things would calm down, even a little, before they convened to nominate their candidate, this pretty clearly tells them otherwise.

And us too.

Will the Republican convention be a zoo as well? Quite possibly.

But, with Donald Trump firmly in control, the main fireworks should be outside of the convention hall.

With Democrats, the reverse should be true.

We’ll see…

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  • Sanders goal is NOT the Democrat nomination. He realizes that the country will not elect a socialist. He has two objectives:

    1 – To move the Democrat party firmly to the left, so that in FUTURE elections the socialist platform will be mainstream, even though it is called “Democrat Party”.

    2 – To have a legacy equal to that of Norman Thomas, six time Socialist Party Presidential candidate.

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