I guess they just don’t know any other way, so they keep doing the same crap over and over again hoping that, this time, the public will love it.

From Jordain Carney’s article at

Senate Democrats are planning an all-night talkathon Thursday over President Trump’s pick to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
Asked whether Democrats are planning to hold the floor all night, a spokeswoman for Sen. Tom Carper (Del.) — the top Democrat on the Environment and Public Works Committee — confirmed that “that’s the plan.”
A spokesman for Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) directed questions to Carper’s office but noted that Democrats aren’t planning to yield back debate time.
The late-night floor drama comes after senators voted to move forward with Scott Pruitt’s nomination earlier Thursday in a 54-46 vote. 
A final vote, absent a deal, is expected early Friday afternoon. 

The equation is a very simple, recognizable one:  if Donald Trump makes a cabinet selection, it is an excellent bet that Democrats are going to oppose it, condemn it, and run some kind of action against it that is supposed to be seen as dramatic, attention-getting and meaningful to voters.

But is it dramatic, attention-getting and meaningful?   Maybe for the first couple of times.  Then, when it is repeated over and over, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, it becomes “Oh, yeah, they’re going to do that again, they do it for just about everyone Trump picks.  BO-ring.  Zzzzzzzzzz”

See, at some point it doesn’t even matter if the person Mr. Trump has selected is any good.  Because if Democrats repeatedly pull stunts like thi, there is no impact anymore.  It’s just what Democrats do.

Is this supposed to be beneficial to the party and its future prospects?  Yeah, right.  And Elijah Cummings just became National Director of the Tea Party.

Maybe it’s because the “leaders” of the Democrat Party are all in their 60’s and 70’s.  Maybe the fact that they are from an earlier era is why they just don’t seem to understand that there has been a change of seasons, and what used to be fresh, dynamic and forward-looking has become stale, tired and predictable.

Will they wake up and wise up before 2018?  I hope so for their sake – because, with 26 out of 34 available senate seats being defended by Democrats, if they stay on their current track 2018 is going to teach them another Trumpian-sized lesson.

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