I’m watching the Intelligence committee hearings, trying to maintain an open mind.

It is increasingly hard to do so, as I watch Democrat after Democrat – currently Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) – tossing out “Isn’t it likely”, or “Do you think”, or “It seems evident”, or “Isn’t it correct that” questions, never getting a definitive answer that any of the answers are so – therefore never getting any evidence that the Trump administration has done a thing wrong – and then going on as if something has been proven.

I can’t wait to see how media treat this exercise in flailing without actually making contact.


  • At this point the media should declare victory and tell the public they finally have gotten the proof. Thank congress for holding the hearings that finally have proven what they have been reporting all along.
    Mind you they don’t need to show any proof, that isn’t necessary in this day and age.
    I know what you are thinking that it would be a lie and they can’t prove it.
    To that I say, so what, it hasn’t stopped them for the last 15+ years. Enough people will believe them that it just doesn’t matter, like all the other lies they tell.

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