Would it be fair to say that, if Democrats again controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, the country would wind up degenerating into a national version of the sewer San Fransisco is rapidly becoming?

The answer,to me, is no.  Not every Democrat is of the San Francisco vintage, any more than every Republican is a hardline ultra-conservative.

But I have to admit that Tucker Carlson’s latest article makes a pretty harrowing case.

Here are a few excerpts:.

Progressives want complete control of all of that very much, including your neighborhood. That’s their goal in the coming election. What will happen if they achieve that goal?

We don’t have to guess. Instead, we can assess a city they already have complete control over and have for a long time — San Francisco, California. 

Take a look at what the left has done with San Francisco. Used drug needles, many of which are handed out by the San Francisco Department of Public Health to help reduce drug-related diseases, lie in the streets. It looks like the slum. Bombay, India doesn’t look like that.

So you’d think it would be affordable, but it’s the opposite. The average rent for an apartment in San Francisco right now is about $4,000. The city works only for the extremely rich or the destitute, the billionaires and the vagrants. There is no place for normal people.

And San Francisco isn’t alone. The rest of California’s single-party cities are following suit. The homeless population in Los Angeles, for example, is now bigger than any city in the entire State of Vermont. Its filthy tent encampments are incubating diseases we previously associated with war-torn countries. Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Elizabeth Greenwood claims she contracted typhus while working at her office in City Hall.

That’s not much of an argument for one-party Democrat rule, is it.

Let me say again that I do not consider this typical of all, or even most, Democrats.  But, sad to say, it is the direction the party is moving.

We can only hope it still has a reverse gear.

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