I don’t know about you, but I am quickly getting tired of David Hogg, the “Parkland High School Survivor” media have glommed onto like he was some kind of demigod/oracle.

These days, Hogg spends his time running from one fawning TV interview to another, espousing exactly the narrative media want to hear from him (ban the rifles, more gun laws, little else), as if he is something other than a 17 year old kid who likes cameras and microphones.

Now, giddy with his newfound celebrity, Hogg is making a threat – one which he, presumably, thinks will cause the enemy – i.e. everyone who does not show 100% obedience to his will – great anxiety and remorse.

And what is this threat?

Excerpted from an article in today’s New York Daily News:

He’s not going back to school.

There aren’t enough grief counselors, well wishers or positive prayers to make Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg return to the school where his classmates were massacred unless Florida lawmakers pass gun control legislation.

“I’m not going back to school on Wednesday until one bill is passed,” Hogg said at gun control rally Sunday in New Jersey.

“Literally any legislation at this point would be a success. Considering the fact that so few legislators in Florida met with us and they want the people to forget, that’s disgusting. The fact that they want people to forget about this and elect them again as the child murderers they are, that’s unacceptable and we’re not going to let that happen.”

He and several of his classmates, including Livingston native Harris Jaffe, 16, have been touring the country since the shooting, trying to drum up political support for new gun legislation in the days since former student Nikolas Cruz, 19, was arrested and charged with killing 17 students and teachers with an assault rifle.


Omigod.  Sound the alarm.  David Hogg is not going back to school until legislatures knuckle under to his demands.

Uh…here’s the news to Hogg and his likeminded pals.

Other than possibly some (I’m guessing not all) of your media pals, no one gives a crap whether or not you go back to school.

Being a “Parkland High School Survivor” doesn’t make you anything special.  Everyone who was not murdered by nikolas cruz is also a Parkland High School Survivor.  Why do you think your voice is any more important than theirs?

You may find this hard to believe, but there are a lot of people who do not agree with your idea of a solution to the issue of school shootings.  They think other things have to change for school safety to improve.  And the fact that you’re getting all the media attention you so obviously crave doesn’t make their voices less important than yours.

My heart goes out to the victims at Parkland High School and their families.  And I sympathize with every survivor for the ordeal they went through as well.

But it would not trouble me one bit if David Hogg would recede back into anonymity.  I doubt he has anything to contribute that has not been contributed already.

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  • 1. Snowflake David Hogg is going to hold his breath until he turns blue in the face. . . . . . .. So There !

    2. There was a 10 year Federal ban on (semiautomatic) “assault rifles & pistols”. It was passed by Congress (52-48 in the Senate) and signed by Willie Clinton. There was a 2004 sunset provision, and support for its renewal lacked a majority.

    3. Following the enactment of the law in 1994, there was no discernible decrease in violent crime (murder, aggrivated assault, rape, robbery) or in murder, alone.

    4. Following the sunset of the Federal assault weapons ban in 2004, there was no corresponding INCREASE in those crimes.

    5. Since 1950, with ONE exception, every other mass shooting has been in a Gun-Free Zone.
    The ‘exception’ is Congresswoman Gabby Giffords in a Tucson, AZ supermarket parking lot. She was speaking with constituents at her third “Congress on your Corner”.
    ‘Mass Shooting’ is where 3 or more victims died.

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