Less than a week after tweeting sarcastically about david hogg not getting in to several colleges (after he himself publicly talked about it), then hogg listing out Ingraham’s advertisers, presumably so his “followers” could boycott them, then several of them dropping Ingraham, then Ingraham apologizing for the tweet, then hogg not accepting her apology…

…Ingraham is suddenly “on vacation” this week.

Is she going to be back?  Or will she be joining Bill O’Reilly on permanent vacation?

I don’t know the answer.  But if one insulting tweet about this media-anointed God can generate this response, he – at least for the moment – has about 1,000 times more relevance than he merits.

I did not expect he would last this long.  But apparently the media which made him has still not moved on.

Let’s see how long his 16th minute lasts.

Meanwhile, I wait for him, his pal Emma Gonzalez, or anyone else in that “movement” to tell me what their plan is for the next time someone with a gun gets into a school and starts slaughtering students.   I have yet to hear one word about that from them, or their adoring media fans.


UPDATE:  We have our answer on Laura Ingraham’s status.

This statement was issued by Fox News Channel:There you have it.

Note to david hogg:  you wanted sincerity?  You got it.  Now just go away.

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  • These anti-gun nuts don’t care about protecting kids. If they did they would be all for armed guards at school’s.

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