For years, Denmark has been a willing, welcoming repository for “refugees” (migrants, actually, since they bypass other countries to get there) from Muslim countries.  This certainly was true of the leftward Social Democrat Party.

And now, with an election looming and a country becoming increasingly restive about this major population influx…which is changing the character of the country and – since most migrants have little in the way of productive skills to offer, thus putting a major drain on social services – even the Social Democrats are singing a very different tune.

I’ll let the leader of the Social Democrat Party, Mette Frederiksen, tell you all about it, via these excerpts from Richard Orange’s article for London’s Daily Guardian:

A victory for Frederiksen would be a boon for Europe’s social democrats as they gaze across the continent at a dispiriting political landscape. But it would not be without controversy, for under Frederiksen the party has been ruthlessly reshaped: dragged to the left economically – and sharply to the right on immigration.

“For me, it is becoming increasingly clear that the price of unregulated globalisation, mass immigration and the free movement of labour is paid for by the lower classes,” she wrote in a recent biography.

Denmark’s current right-wing coalition government last year enacted the most anti-immigration legislation in Danish history and, rather than position her party in stark opposition, Frederikson has embraced much of it.

Under her leadership, the SD have called for a cap on “non-western immigrants”, for asylum seekers to be expelled to a reception centre in North Africa, and for all immigrants to be forced to work 37 hours a week in exchange for benefits.

What does this tell you?

It tells you that a realization has dawned on Ms. Frederikson and her party that when a very large number of largely unskilled, uneducated, non-Danish speaking Muslims with no cultural ties to Denmark enter the country,  they are either going to be taking low-end jobs, which damages Danish citizens currently relying on those jobs, or no jobs at all, which every productive Dane at every level will be paying for.

Take in a small number, or even a moderate number and your government is humanitarian.  Take in a massive number – with lots more heading your way – and your government is a bunch of suckers, subsidizing the tranformation of your country into something very different than what it was/what you want it to be.

Denmark, I’m sure, is not the only European country belatedly understanding this.  Frankly, I fear for what will happen when more of them start doing something about it, maybe doing things a lot more draconian than Denmark.

Let me end by asking a question:  does this progression have any relevance for what is happening in the United States?  With millions of largely unskilled, uneducated, non-English speaking central Americans with no cultural ties to the USA illegally entering the country?

You tell me.

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