I just finished this year’s Cycle For Survival ride.

My legs could keep going, but the seats on stationary bicycles do not coincide well with my overweight, out of shape, almost 72 year old tushy.

In any event, there we go. Another year of riding…and, we hope with all our hearts, that much closer to finding treatments, or even cures, for the scourge of cancer.

I’ll put up a picture, when our sainted daughter-in-law sends it to me.

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  • Just saw this story. It is shocking.

    Free speech on campus: Some students want schools to limit what’s said

    College students increasingly think that schools should ban offensive speech…

    More than 40 percent of students believe the First Amendment does not protect hate speech, according to a Brookings Institute poll taken of 1,500 students nationwide last year. Almost 20 percent believe using violence is an acceptable means to stop such speech, the poll found. In all, 53 percent of students — 61 percent Democrat and 47 percent Republican — believe colleges and universities should prohibit offensive speech, according to the survey.

    “I’m very disconcerted about how very uninformed — frankly dangerously uninformed — many college students are about the First Amendment,” said Lawrence Walters, a Longwood-based attorney who focuses on First Amendment issues.

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