Let me start with an obvious question that, for reasons I cannot even begin to understand, has rarely been asked throughout the COVID-19 pandemic:  “What law says that you can force me to do this?”

To my knowledge, the answer to that question almost always is “Well…uh…er…actually there isn’t any specific law.”

This brings us to New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo’s edict that there cannot be more than 10 people for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

That’s right.  You can’t have more than 10 people in your own home, regardless of whether they are family or friends.

Well, the Cuomo “law” has created a problem:  namely, that a number of sheriffs throughout the state have told the Governor they will not enforce it.  Partly because it is damn near impossible to do so and partly because they think it is ridiculous.

And that, not surprisingly, has generated a very unpleasant response from Mr. Cuomo.

Excerpted from Bernadette Hogan’s article in the New York Post:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is having a hard time getting sheriffs across the state on board with enforcing his 10-person limit on Thanksgiving dinners — his latest effort to suppress the Empire State’s rising coronavirus rate.

“I don’t believe as a law enforcement officer you have a right to pick and choose what laws you will enforce,” Cuomo told reporters Wednesday during an Albany-based press conference.

But a slew of upstate sheriffs have already declared they won’t be checking up on gatherings come Turkey Day, arguing limited resources and other public safety priorities trump “counting cars” in driveways and “investigating” how much turkey and dressing a household may purchase.

The third-term Democrat mimicked the defying cops: “‘Well I don’t believe in that law and therefore I won’t enforce it.’”

So Governor Cuomo objects t sheriffs picking and choosing what laws they enforce?

Remind me:  didn’t Andrew Cuomo declare New York to be a “sanctuary state” – i.e. a state where law enforcement will not cooperate with federal immigration authorities?

Either they changed the constitution of the United States this morning and handed federal immigration policy to the states, or there is no such thing as a”sanctuary state”.

So what we have here is Andrew Cuomo simultaneously insisting sheriffs enforce a non-existent state law, while blatantly ignoring existing federal law (and he’s far from the only one doing so).

But, no problem.  Not if – despite a few glaring exceptions such as the New York Post – mainstream media are willing to look the other way on Mr. Cuomo’s behalf.  Again.

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