Former Venezuelan President, nicolas maduro, has done it.

By “virtue” (odd word to use here) of a sham election, which members of opposition parties boycotted, and as few as 9% of the people actually voted in, maduras has summarily removed the National Assembly (Venezuelan congress) and replaced it with a “Constituent Assembly” – comprised 100% of members selected by maduro’s administration.

In other words, Venezuela now has a one party government, and maduro is the one party.

That means maduro is no longer a President, he is a dictator – which is exactly what he wanted.

So Venezuela, which once was a prosperous democracy, has not only become an impoverished hellhole with inflation that may go over 1,000% this year (that is NOT a typo) and shortages of even the most basic staples, but, politically, will be what amounts to Cuba South.

The opposition parties – which, at least for the moment still legally exist (how much longer that will last is anyone’s guess) are calling for massive protests.  And they’re going to get them too.

Get ready to count the dead Venezuelans in the street.

Oh, one other thing:  as maduro’s fraudulent “election” turns the country into Cubazuela, have you heard one peep from the Useless Neutured United Nations?

Me neither.


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