croc·o·dile tears: noun: tears or expressions of sorrow that are insincere.

Kevin de León is President pro tempore of the California State Senate.  He is also the legislator who wrote California’s “sanctuary state” bill – the one that prevents law enforcement from determining any suspect’s immigration status…

…the law that enabled gustavo perez arriaga, an illegal who never should have been here, to kill Lamont, CA police officer Ronil Singh.

arriaga, who reportedly is involved with the  sureño street gang, has been here illegally for years.  But when he was arrested, twice, for DUI offenses, police could not ask him about his immigration status, so here he stayed.

And now Kevin de León, whose legislation is the REASON he was here, illegally, to kill Officer Singh, has sent a condolence letter to his widow.

I won’t put it up here, because I’m too sickened by it.

Personally, I wish no ill will on anyone.  I mean that sincerely.   But if someone is going to suffer such a horrific loss at the hands of a violent illegal, it should be someone whose efforts allowed him to be here.  Not a man like Ronil Singh and his distraught family.

Take your crocodile-tear condolences somewhere else, de León.

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