From Daniel Chaitin’s article for the Washington Examiner:

Michael Avenatti said Monday evening that his client, Julie Swetnick, did not witness first-hand Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegedly spiking the punch at high school parties in the early 1980s. But he knows a woman who claims to have seen the act, and while she is willing to speak to the FBI, she won’t go public.

So julie swetnick (no more capital letters for her), an obviously disturbed woman with a history of bizarre behavior…

…who michael avenatti (he lost them a long time ago) assured any network camera crew he could find would blow the Brett Kavanaugh nomination away…

… not only has no evidence and no corroboration of her claims about Kavanaugh’s involvement in spiking the punch at parties to put girls out so they could be gang-raped, and not only cannot say he participated in any rapes, but now, we are told, didn’t actually see him spike the punch either.  Someone else told her about it.

Why would anyone take her, or her human cesspool of a lawyer, seriously?


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