I hope the pharmaceutical profession sector can quickly identify, test and make available a vaccine for the COVID-19 virus.

But, given the medical protocols that is almost certainly at least a year away.

However, right now – this minute – we have tested, in-use pharmaceutical products that appear to significantly lessen both the severity of COVID-19 and the length of time sufferers must endure it.

For at least a month now, I have blogged about the benefits chloroquine in its various forms.  And now the French researchers who conducted a small-scale but exceptionally successful test using this product have conducted a larger-scale test with the combination of hydroxochoroquine and azithromycin that shows it to be extremely effective.

From an article at, we have this:

On March 19, we published a story about a trial study conducted by French researchers which showed a combination of Hydroxychloroquine (brand name Plaquenil) and Azithromycin to be effective in the treatment of COVID-19 patients. The study, which was led by renowned Didier Raoult​ M.D/Ph.D in Marseille, France, showed that 100% of patients that received a combination of the two anti-malaria drugs tested negative and were virologically cured within 6 days of treatment.

Today, Prof. Didier Raoult and his team published results of their new study online. The study, which was supported by the Institut Hospitalo-Universitaire (IHU) Méditerranée Infection, succeeds the previous one which dealt with around twenty patients. Unlike the previous small study trial, the new observation study has a larger sample size of 80 COVID-19 patients. 

In 80 in-patients receiving a combination of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, the team found a clinical improvement in all but one 86 year-old patient who died, and one 74-year old patient still in intensive care unit. The team also found that, by administering hydroxychloroquine combined with azithromycin, they were able to observe an improvement in all cases, except in one patient who arrived with an advanced form, who was over the age of 86, and in whom the evolution was irreversible.

Let me remind you that both hydroxychloroquine and azithromycyn are fully tested, readily available, and – with the basic caveats inherent in any prescription drug (dosage, side effects, whether it can be taken simultaneously with other medications, etc.) fully available right now.

If I contracted the COVID-19 virus, I would be on the phone in one second flat begging my doctor to prescribe exactly what Professor Raoult and his cohorts have tested:

-If it worked – the most likely outcome – I would benefit;

-If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t benefit, I’d just have taken a couple of existing, deemed-safe medications that weren’t helpful.  No harm, no foul.

Where’s the down side?

Let me end by pointing out, as I have in previous blogs, that two state Governors – Steve Sisolak (D-Nevada) and Gretchen Whitmer (D-Michigan) are actively working to discourage, even prevent, doctors from prescribing any form of chloroquine to COVID-19 sufferers.  The rationale seems to be that if too many people with COVID-19 get it there won’t be enough for people who use it for other reasons.

Are they nuts?

Is it just me, or isn’t the answer to this issue getting more chloroquine?  Having pharmaceutical companies provide more of it?

Wow!!!!   That idea is so crazy it just might work.

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  • actively working to discourage, even prevent, doctors from prescribing.

    Just like my predicament, with these covid19 drugs they are also threatening pharmacies that fill the rx.

    Ken, did you ever call your doctor like you mentioned in another blog you did?

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