…that locking down entire cities and putting countless businesses out of business is not going to change people’s behavior?

My wife and I were in New York City yesterday and most people were wearing masks.  A lot of them, however, either were not wearing masks or had them down so only their mouth and not their nose was covered.

As for social distancing?  An impracticality walking city streets, so there is little or none of it.

As for sanitizing your hands before/after entering stores and touching things within them (e.g. rummaging through clothing items)?  Some do, some don’t.

It is called human nature.

Soo what are the police going to do?  Give one-third of the population “you didn’t wear your mask properly” tickets, arrest people who aren’t six feet apart from one another and give “sanitary-hand” tests, while serious crimes – the ones that have ravaged New York and other cities in this year of anarchy – are not dealt with?

You cannot legislate people’s behavior.  Destroying our economy and ending our way of life as we know it in a futile effort to do so – with the attendant jumps in alcoholism, drugs, domestic violence and suicide – is stupid, counterproductive and disastrous.

There’s got to be a better way.

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