As readers of this blog know, on Tuesday, on the UC –  Berkeley campus, a young man – Hayden Williams is his name – was verbally and physically assaulted for the “crime” of being at a table for the Turning Point USA organization.

There is absolutely no doubt about what happened; it was all captured on video, from the initial torrent of profanity-laden verbal abuse by two hate-filled assailants, the attempt to destroy the table and its contents and the physical attack by one of them, right through to Mr. Williams’ being punched in the eye when his hands were down and he was defenseless.

In case you did not see it yet, here are two videos, capturing what happened from different angles:


It is now Saturday, four days after the attack took place.

I just googled “Berkeley Turning Point USA” and looked at the first five pages.

On those five pages I have found a grand total of two articles from mainstream news venues – one from CNN and the other from CBS News.  In both cases the articles characterized this as an “alleged attack”.

“Alleged” means maybe it happened and maybe it didn’t.

Take another look at the videos.  Was this an “alleged” attack to you?

Now think about how media would have handled this incident if the video showed the same assault – but on a young man at a table featuring liberal/left material, by someone wearing, say a MAGA hat.  Do you think that, four days later, there would barely be any coverage, and what coverage there was would suggest that whether it happened at all was at issue?

All I ask is for you to draw your own conclusions about left wing “tolerance” and media coverage when it shows itself.  I doubt this will present much of a challenge.


  • When the phrase “Make America Great Again” is considered controversial you know the country is in trouble.

    I haven’t heard this mentioned before, if Trump were a Putin puppet wouldn’t he be trying to put the policies of Bernie and AOC in place instead of pro-America policies???

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