As readers of this blog certainly know, a young man on the campus of UC – Berkeley in California (Hayden Williams is his name) was verbally, then physically assaulted for daring to sit at a table with Turning Point USA literature for people to read or not read as they so chose.

In case you missed it, here are two videos of this verbal/physical assault – and be warned about both the violence and the profanity (NOTE:  the original video I put up was disallowed by

That clear enough for you?

Given the gravity of this incident, and the fact that it took place on a college campus (you know, the place where all views are supposed to be respected), I thought it might be interesting to see how mainstream media covered it.  So:

-I googled “Berkeley Turning Point USA” and looked at the first three pages.  Not one major venue.

-Then I went to the New York Times home page.  Not mentioned at all.

-Then I went to the Washington Post home page.  Not there either.

-Then I went to  Nope, not a word.

-Ditto for

-Ditto for

In other words, this violent attack on a young man – in full view and captured on video so there’s no doubt about what happened, who did it and why – is being fully suppressed by these so-called major news sources.

Does anyone believe for a minute that a similarly violent attack on a college student for daring to offer students left wing political literature – in support of, say,  the “New Green Deal” or illegal immigration – also in full view and captured on video, would go unreported?

This, sadly, is what has become of our one-sided, thoroughly compromised mainstream media.  And, as I have said many times here, it is why fewer and fewer people trust them.

Why should they?

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