Did you know that, despite daily attacks on our economy by mainstream media – which ongoingly drum into readers’/viewers’ heads that the rich are getting richer and everyone else is being left behind…

…consumer confidence in the economy just reached a 19 year high?

From Max Reyes’ article at (and how it must gall Michael Bloomberg that the data were generated from his organization’s own research, so his website had to report it!):

U.S. consumer confidence advanced last week to the highest level in more than 19 years on increased optimism about the economy, personal finances and the buying climate.

Bloomberg’s index of consumer comfort rose to 66 in the week ended Jan. 12, the best reading since October 2000, from 65.1, according to a report Thursday. The gain was the eighth in the last nine weeks. A measure of Americans’ views of the economy climbed to the highest since early 2001.

That’s right.  Consumers are seeing right through the BS attacks on our economic status.

Record-high stock markets and record-low unemployment, with wage increases at a 20 year high have a tendency to do that.

Now wait and see how many other media venues – the ones that didn’t measure consumer confidence, thus don’t have to report it – let us in on the news.

Hint:  if you’re expecting a lot of coverage – or even a little – you’ll probably be disappointed.


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