…for squeezing an “apology out of ilhan omar (D-MN) after informed us that the reason the United States supports Israel is because the Jews pay off politicians – an apology that had all the sincerity of Bart Simpson apologizing to Moe for making prank calls.

And congratulations to Ms. Pelosi for leaving her on the Foreign Affairs Committee anyway.  What a nice show of support.

And congratulations to House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer for his opinion that “I don’t think she’s anti-Semitic”.  What would it take, Steny?  Her office issuing a plan for bombing Tel Aviv?

Well, don’t worry, Nancy and Steny.  There are enough Lost Tribers (Jews, and non-Jews, who support Israel but can rationalize the ilhan omars, and rashida tlaibs away, because they are Democrats) who will accept this and pretend it never happened.

When will they realize how completely they are being played?  What fools they are being taken for?

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