Linda Qiu is a “fact-checker” for the New York Times (and, before that,

In that capacity, she has “fact-checked” the charges against Rep. ilhan omar.

And, for her efforts, congratulations are in order.

It takes some real doing to put out a piece as thoroughly dishonest and Ms. Qiu has.  In my opinion it goes far beyond willful ignorance and basic partisanship.  Hers it truly the work of an artist.  A BS artist, but an artist nonetheless.

Here is Ms. Qiu’s “fact-check”.  Please read every word.

And here is John Hinderaker of, taking it apart and putting it back together again.  Please read every word of this one too:

I’ll show you just one segment below (in which Hinderaker provides a link to David Steinberg’s superb investigative work, which is an absolute must-read as well):

Of course, fact checking is easy when you don’t know anything about the facts.

Rumors that Ms. Omar had married her brother have been circulating since 2016, when she ran for state representative in Minnesota. No proof has emerged substantiating these claims.

That is an absurd claim. Investigations by Scott Johnson, David Steinberg, Preya Samsundar, the Minneapolis Star Tribune and Minnesota’s Campaign Finance Board have developed a mountain of evidence relating to Omar’s tangled marital history. At a bare minimum, it is known for certain that Omar filed joint tax returns with one man (to whom she was not married) while she was married to someone else–overwhelming evidence that her legal marriage, the one that appears to have been with a brother, was a sham. Filing such false returns is a crime, a fact that evidently troubles the New York Times not at all. And Steinberg’s latest includes persuasive evidence that Elmi is, in fact, Omar’s brother.

That get your attention?  I thought it might.

But if this, and the other examples in Mr. Hinderaker’s piece, get you angry…please do not make the object of your anger Linda Qiu.

The New York Times, over recent years, has ceased to be a newspaper.  It is now a propaganda arm of the Democrat Party’s left wing.  Linda Qiu, therefore, is doing nothing other than performing within the Times’ current journalistic standards…which is to say she has little reason to worry about any standards at all.

For many years I was a subscriber to the New York Times, and looked to it as a credible source of news.  But that time has long since passed.

Still, there are a good many people who continue to think of The Times this way.

I pity every one of them.

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