No one will ever accuse CNN’s Fareed Zakaria of being a Republican or having almost anything positive to say about the Republican Party.  So when he compares a Democrat and her growing list of Democrat followers to Republicans, he must not like that Democrat and her likeminded party members very much.

With that in mind, here, from Ed Morrissey’s article at, is what Mr. Zakaria tweeted, on Saturday, about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez:

.: “We already have one major political party that now routinely twists facts, disregards evidence, ignores serious policy analysis & just makes stuff up…If the Democrats now start moving along this path… American politics will truly descend into a new dark age”

In other words,in the mind of Fareed Zakaria, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez and her pals are acting so badly, they actually are comparable to (gasp!!) Republicans.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I saw My Fair Lady on Broadway.  One of the more entertaining songs from that show – entertaining because it comedically features every gender stereotype you can think of – is “Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man”.

Evidently Fareed Zakaria is intent on rewriting this song politically as “Why Can’t A Democrat Be Less Like A Republican”.

Only two months of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s first term in congress, and we already have this.  Is there any doubt there’ll a load (and I do mean “load”) more to come?

Let me finish by providing this link to the great Rex Harrison’s version of “Why Can’t A Woman Be More Like A Man”.  I hope you can join me in putting aside all vestiges of political correctness and, while marveling at Mr. Harrison’s talent, laugh your way through it.

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