Colin Kaepernick is working out in Atlanta today, with the goal of getting back into the NFL.  News reports indicate that something like two dozen teams will be there to see how it goes.

Colin Kaepernick was at one time a very successful NFL quarterback who became a very unsuccessful one – unless you consider a 3-16 record over his last 19 starts successful.

He also has not played in the NFL for years.

And, if signed, he will bring enormous controversy to the league that it is just now getting over (the players who joined him in kneeling for the National Anthem caused a major dropoff in both attendance and TV/Cable viewership).

I have to believe that just about all the teams taking a look are doing so for no reason other than to cover their asses, and then decline to sign him – not because of the controversy, you see, but because he just doesn’t have it anymore.

We’ll soon find out.

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