So how did Colin Kaepernick’s workout work out?

As noted in yesterday’s blog, Kaepernick was scheduled to showcase his talents, such as they are, for over two dozen NFL teams which, presumably would result in them fighting over who gets the chance to sign him.

Well, that’s not how the workout worked out.

After setting everything up at the Atlanta Falcon’s training facility….Kaepernick, at 2:30 in the afternoon, informed the NFL and the suckers who came to see him that he wasn’t going to be there, he decided to do it at a high school facility an hour away using his own video people.

In other words, it was a BS sham, and they all wasted their time.

Think of it as a self-induced Colinoscopy.

But all is not lost.  This might definitively end Kaepernick’s NFL career, but I’ll bet that Nike, which happily sponsored Kaepernick and his “kneel” routine, will have another great commercial to sell sneakers with.

You can read all about it in Dylan Gwinn’s article at

Bye Bye Colin.


UPDATE:  NBC Sports is reporting that Colin Kaepernick’s fiasco  has resulted in a total of zero offers and zero workout invitations.  After what Kaepernick pulled, you have to wonder if that’s what he wanted in the first place.


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