It is hardly a news flash to mention that CNN and its people are not BFFs with President Trump.

But this?  Wow.

From Curtis Houck’s remarkable summary at, we find out that Mr. Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania, which he attended rather than the White House Trump-haters’ Correspondents’ Dinner was:

“deeply disturbing” and “stunning” speech by a “moral midget.”

Lovely.  Very introspective, I’m sure.

One of the participants, the especially vicious and obnoxious Paul Begala, in addition to calling President Trump a “moral midget”, said this:

He’s haunted by the fact that the vast majority of Americans — 54 percent voted against him. He lost to Hillary Clinton in the popular vote by 2.8 million. He’s haunted by that. He sort of needs that. He’s a needy little baby. What he needs as a president is to unify the country. He needs it as a politician it to expand his base. If you want to be small minded he needs to expand his base but as a president he needs to expand.

Uh, Paul….

-54% is not a “vast majority”;

-Using your math, Hillary Clinton, whom you avidly supported, was voted down by 52% (is there a “vast” difference between 54% and 52%?),

-The “needy little baby” sneer is, sad to say, right at your usual whiningly insulting level,

-Mr. Trump will never unify the country if, to do so, he has to bring in people like you, whose only interest is taking him down rather than working with him,

-And if Trump needs to expand his base – the base that won him the Presidency over your candidate’s base – what does your side of the aisle need?  What you’re offering…which is how they lost to him?

Begala, and people like him, have overseen the current, remarkably deep dismantling of the Democrat Party as a viable alternative to Republicans.  But he’s going to tell Trump what he’s doing wrong?  Republicans what they’re doing wrong?

Maybe that wasn’t CNN after all.  Maybe it was Comedy Central.

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