I did not watch the Kamala Harrids town hall, hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper, last night.

I consider this a stroke of good luck, given that I take blood pressure medication, and the nature of questions being asked might have given me a different kind of stroke.

According to Curtis houck of, a total of 18 questions were asked during this so-called town hall:

-16 of them were from a left-wing perspective and two were neutral.

– Not one question was asked from a from a conservative / right perspective.  A complete shutout.

Well, at least you can’t say CNN is deviating from its norm.

But I do have to wonder whether CNN will, someday, at least changing its direction and try, more than occasionally/perfunctorily, to give what viewership it still has left two sides of the political story.

Don’t count on this happening any time soon.

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