In the previous blog I expressed my surprise that CNN would put up a story indicating that President Trump’s Mexico policy (or any Trump policy at all) was bearing fruit.

But just in case you think this is the start of a trend…

…read these excerpts from Manu Raju and Jeremy Herb’s article about the so-called impeachment process and we’ll be right back to reality.

Here is how it begins:

House Democrats are facing a time crunch to quickly wrap up their investigation into allegations President Donald Trump abused his office in pushing Ukraine to probe his political rivals, prompting growing expectations that votes on impeaching Trump could slip closer to the end of the year.

Some Democrats had hoped that a narrow probe — focused on whether Trump put on ice efforts to bolster relations with Ukraine and provide US military aid to the country until it carried through with a political favor — could conclude swiftly, with a potential vote to impeach Trump by Thanksgiving.

But that has proven to be more complicated than it initially seemed, according to multiple Democratic lawmakers and sources. The reason: Each witness has so far provided more leads for investigators to chase down, including new names to potentially interview or seek documents from. Plus, Democrats have had to reschedule several witnesses, including some this week in part because of memorial services for the late Rep. Elijah Cummings, and others because they needed more time to retain lawyers.

Plus, there are several more time-consuming steps as part of the probe, potentially trying to bring in big names like former national security adviser John Bolton, then holding public hearings before a report they’re expected to write with recommendations — all before any votes in the House.

Are you kidding me?

Right now, Democrats have got their lapdogs in the media reporting, almost every day, as if there have been new developments in the “impeachment process”, and suggesting that Donald Trump is further and further in the hole because of those developments – which, so far, has moved public sentiment more in favor of an impeachment and removal from office.

For what?  For NOTHING.  The so-called impeachable offenses- if there were any in the first place – have been debunked by the transcript of Mr. Trump’s call to Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, and Zelensky’s affirmation that the transcript is accurate.

That’s a little something which media reports, such as the one you just read excerpts from, somehow neglect to make note of.

So why in the world would Democrats want this “process” to move on?  As long as our media play “good doggies, good doggies”, while sitting up and begging for more from schiff, Pelosi, Nadler, etc., there is no good reason to do anything but maintain the status quo.

For this “process” to move off the dime, you’ll need significant parts of mainstream media to admit Republicans’ claim that there is nothing to impeach Trump over has validity, and to talk about the fact that it is unacceptable for every facet of the process – the “whistle-blower”, the testimony, etc. – to be hidden from the public.

Then, when the public is exposed to the “other side of the story”, if it results in even a slight lessening of public sentiment for impeachment – which may well have grown only because of the absence of exposure to the other side –  they’ll change tactics.

Until and unless that takes place (and I don’t expect it to), Democrats will draw this farce out forever…

…because it is much easier and much more politically productive than getting anything done for the country.

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  • Ken, I nominate Trump for Quote of the Day.
    I read this at powerline.

    Quotable quote: (on Hillary Clinton’s recent disparagement of Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein as Russian assets): “It took me two-and-a-half years [for the truth to emerge]. I wish she would have said that earlier because people would have realized she’s crazy.”

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