Did you know that there was a “big white truck” blocking reporters’ views of the golf course Donald Trump was playing on during his last few days at Mar-a-Lago?

If you watch CNN you certainly know about it.  According to Scott Johnson’s article at, this “news” network (I’ll wait for you to stop laughing) has made 33 – that’s no typo, the number is 33 – separate references to it, with the implication being that the truck is some plot to prevent media from covering the fact that (gasp!!!) President Trump plays golf.

If you use the link I’ve provided and read Mr. Johnson’s article, you will find out what the “big white truck” was all about.  (Hint:  it was not put there by Trump or his people and it had nothing to do with news coverage of his golfing.)

What’s CNN going to cover next?  Whether Trump remembers to put the toilet seat back down?

“The most ___________ name in news”.  I’ll leave for you to fill in the missing word.  But no comedy points for using “trusted” – that’s too easy.

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