CNN, ever vigilant to show us how the economy is doing, has, since President Trump took office, provided readers of its website with a “Trump Job Tracker”, showing how many jobs have been created during his administration.

Until now.

According to Joe Simonson’s article at, for some reason CNN’s “job tracker” has not been updated in the last two months.

And, wonder of wonder, coincidence of coincidences, those two months show well over a half-million new jobs created.

Our job?  To believe that there is no correlation between the “Trump Job Tracker” disappearing and the surge in jobs that might cause people – er, voters – to assess Trump’s job creation performance in a positive light.

What does this tell you about CNN and it’s “neutrality”?  Actually nothing:  if you don’t know CNN’s level of “neutrality” by now, you probably never will.

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  • The people in charge think by doing things like this it just hurts Trump, they are wrong. People that get there news from cnn are going to have the wrong impression of the economy so are less likely to invest. Lack of investment reduces the economy. So they may believe they are only harming Trump but they are in reality hurting the whole country. It is also harming countries that have invested in the USA.

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