Ken Berwitz

My congratulations to NBC Political Director and Meet The Press host Chuck Todd, for the following comments, made yesterday before President Obama spoke at the UN, about Mr. Obama\’s overall foreign policy record, and his performance, specifically, regarding Syria:

Well, it\’s, this hasbeen, if you look at his foreign policy report card — it\’s a tough report cardas it is — but nothing has been, i think, a bigger failure than his Syriapolicy. And they now acknowledge it. By the way, to promote part two of myinterview with Hillary Clinton, she acknowledges it. This has just not worked– figuring out, “Does Assad go, does he not go, can you defeat ISIS withAssad there or not?”

Like, that is thefundamental strategic question I think allies are having. Obviously now, it isamazing that Putin is essentially forcing the United States to potentially andPresident Obama to change his policy saying maybe Assad can stay.

Translation:  Putin has – to quote myself from just yesterday – outfoxed, outclassed and outpoliticked Barack Obama eight ways from Sunday.  He has again made Mr. Obama look exactly like the unqualified, incompetent, inept President he is.  A president that capable, experienced, accomplished world leaders, and even terrorist clowns like the ones in Iran, can run rings around.

How I wish Mr. Todd were wrong.  But he isn\’t.  And we have over a year of this administration left to bungle things and damage our world standing even more.

Lucky us.

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