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I just read Matthew Balan\’s blog at, which describes how CNN New Day\’s host, Chris Cuomo, invited David Daleiden, who was behind the Planned Parenthood videos that CNN and ABC and NBC and CBS and MSNBC have done their best to suppress (have you seen even one minute\’s worth of the videos on any of those networks?).

Apparently, instead of interviewing Daleiden, Cuomo went on a 10 minute attack rampage.  Making accusation after accusation against him and his group, Center for Medical Progress….most of which were dead-on untrue.

Use the link I\’ve provided above to read all about it.  But let me give you just a small taste, by posting a few pieces of the transcript (bold print is Balan\’s):

CHRIS CUOMO: Didyou edit the videotapes?

DAVID DALEIDEN, PROJECTLEAD, CENTER FOR MEDICAL PROGRESS: You know, we – we create summary videos similar to thesummary videos that you produce for a news broadcastlike this one. But thefull footage of theconversation with Planned Parenthood directors and executives – that\’s always been posted to our YouTubechannel, in addition to the summary videos

CUOMO: But it\’s not thesame as the summary video. I\’ve had thepleasure, the mispleasure – whatever -displeasure – whatever you want to callit – I\’ve watched a lot of the raw. I\’ve watched what you put out there.They\’re not the same. When you edit, you make choices. Is it fair to say thatyou did match certain questions with different parts of conversations, and movethings around to show what you think matters?

DALEIDEN: No -absolutely not; no. The – the edits thatare made in the summary videos are just to serve as the highlights of thosetapes. There\’s no changing in the ordering of the conversation whatsoever.

CUOMO: Butdo you believe it changes the context of what the conversations were?

DALEIDEN: No! No – notat all. And for statements – you know, when you\’re talking about usingultrasound guidance to know where to put your forceps on a late-term fetus inorder to harvest the brain or harvest the lung or harvest the heart – there\’sno context in which those statements become – you know, inoffensive oracceptable to most people.

CUOMO: Butwhat other context could there be? All right. That\’s a conversation for anothertime, because that\’s just between your and my reckoning. That\’s not what\’s relevant to-

DALEIDEN: Well,half the American people haven\’t seen the videos yet, according to mostpolling. So, it\’s pretty significant

CUOMO: But – that\’strue. But the question is – however, thatassumes that seeing the videos informs you of the truthand whatPlanned Parenthood and other people who see it – says no; you doctored them.You\’re doctoring it to make it seem like what you want it to be. 

Does that look like a professional interview, or an inquisition?

I suppose, in an ironic sense, we owe Chris Cuomo a thank you.  As a rule of thumb, overtly partisan media personalities try to hide their partisanship – for example, using terms like “some have said” to make it seem as though they are not in personal attack mode, they are just reflecting other people\’s voices.  

But not Cuomo.  There is no pretense here.  None whatsoever.  He is out to get Daleiden, and makes no bones about it.

Again, I urge you to use the link and read the entire piece (which includes the entire transcript as well).  

Then you can wonder along with me how “journalists” like Chris Cuomo have the nerve to bristle at any suggestion they are biased.

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