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There was a point, earlier on, when President Trump was asked why he seemed to be underplaying the danger of the COVID-19 virus.  His response?

“Well, the cases really didn’t build up for a while, but you have to understand, I’m a cheerleader for this country. I don’t want to create havoc and shock and everything else. … I’m not going to go out and start screaming, this could happen, this could happen.”

And this, folks, is the reaction from CNN show host Chris Cuomo:

“That’s exactly what leadership is.  Anybody can tell people what they want to hear. And make it easier. And then you know what you get? Exactly where we are right now. That was the most asinine statement of leadership I have ever heard and I can’t even dismiss it on the president having 102 fever, like I do, because that is clear thinking from him.”

“I’m a cheerleader, so, I’m going to lie to you about the realities that your parents, your loved ones and your kids face.  I’m not going to prepare the way I should because it reinforces the bullshit I’m telling you and I’m going to hope you’re okay with it.

We’ve got to do better than that. This president must do better than that. The good news is, he can. The bad news is, he refuses to. And that, I have no answer for.

He said we’d be good by Easter. On Easter Sunday, you know what? I will be sick and I will be sick for some time to come. And somebody telling me something else doesn’t make me feel any better. It makes me feel worse about them.”

Let’s remember that President Trump’s comment came at a time when, although predictions were for things to get much worse, that had not yet come to pass.

Let’s also remember that there were predictions that as many as 2.2 million of us would die from COVID-19, which will turn out to be ginormously overstated….

…so predictions do not – repeat, NOT – necessarily turn into reality.

In other words, Chris Cuomo insists Trump should have given the worst scenario possible and maximally scared/panicked the country, at a time when there was no guarantee whatsoever that any of the doomsday predictions that worst-case scenario entailed would ever come to pass.

I wish Chris Cuomo a speedy, full recovery from his bout with COVID-19..and a more effective use of the part of his brain that deals with common sense and logic.  He certainly would benefit from both.


  • I wish Chris Cuomo a speedy, full recovery from his bout with COVID-19

    I don’t. I’m sorry I have lost all compassion for these people. I hope he gets what he truly deserves.

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