Chris Mattthews – aka Chrazy Chris – has done it again.

Would you believe that he actually compared Joe Biden to Rocky Balboa, the movie character played by Sylvester Stallone? And, in the course of doing so, also compared President Trump to Apollo creed, the Black heavyweight champion of the world, who Balboa fought in the movie “Rocky,” (and lost to)?

Well believe it. Because he did. And, for proof, here is Matthews’ exact quote:

“On Saturday, coming up the 18th, [Biden is] going to the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia art museum, the essential blue collar guy from south Philly. Italian Stallion, the one that never got his shot, finally gets his shot at the title against Apollo Creed.” 

 Amazing. To read this you would swear that Joe Biden is just some unknown “ham and egger”,  finally getting his one shot at the big time.

Uh…note to Chrazy Chris:   Joe Biden was a US Senator  From the time he was 29 years old, through six terms, then was a two-time Vice President of the United States. And this is not his first shot at running for the presidency, it is his third.

In other words, Joe Biden is about as much a “ham and egger” looking for his one shot at the big time as I am Jeff Bezos’ career supervisor, who has guided him through all his business decisions.

One thing I am for real, though, is old enough to remember when Chris Matthews had something worthwhile to say. But, I have to admit, that memory is getting dimmer and dimmer.

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  • “that memory is getting dimmer and dimmer.”

    Ken, It isn’t the memory that has gotten dimmer.

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