Poor Chris Matthews.  He cannot understand why a Republican would ever question the veracity of election results.

Democrats fight tooth and nail against voter ID laws, votes magically materialize in places like this year in florida Florida, 2008 in Minnesota (Al Franken’s “win”), 2004 in Seattle (Christine Gregoire’s win), etc. etc, and somehow none of this counts.

On last night’s “Hardball” show, while speaking with a Democrat congressperson, Matthews had this to say about President Trump’s concern over rigged voting in the 2016 election and, again now, as Broward County’s Board of Election Supervisor Brenda swipes…er, Snipes, again ignores election laws as the Democrat total rises (she’s done it repeatedly in the past), Matthews had this to say:

 that is the idiotic, Third World, asinine view of every clown and tin pot dictator in the Third World. If they win the election, it was clean, if they lose, it was rigged. You see it all the time in countries like Zimbabwe. I don’t want to single them out that, but that’s a classic example. You lose, it was rigged. I see that in Pakistan and countries like that. They don’t have trust in their institutions and this is a one-man wrecking ball going around the country, telling 40 percent of the country who believes in this guy, the lemmings of the Republican Party, don’t trust votes. Don’t trust press. Don’t trust FBI. Don’t trust Justice Department. That’s what he’s saying. Don’t trust anybody but me, because I’m your leader. 

Thanks, Chris.  That certainly does explain how apparently insurmountable leads in Florida become surmountable, in a matter of days, as the result of illegal procedures in a heavily Democrat country being run by a Democrat who has repeatedly been cited for acting illegally on vote counts.

Personally, I think Chris Matthews’ brain is rigged.  And I’m not even Zimbabwean.

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