When it comes to irrational paranoia, and just plain political barf that doesn’t make any sense, it’s hard to top Chris Matthews.

During last night’s “Hardball” show on (where else?) MSNBC, he featured two Trump-haters – author Tim Weiner and retired Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer Malcolm Nance – to essentially tell us that the contact President Trump and several of his people had last year with Russia is one of the biggest spy stories in the history of the country.

Please keep in mind that, as of now, there is not one shred of evidence uncovered by anyone –  Matthews, Weiner, Nance or any other Trump hater – that any information of a significant nature was discussed or any law was broken.

Nope, the simple fact that Trump and a few of his people – most notably, Michael Flynn – talked to people in the Russian government is enough for them.

Weiner, for example, claimed that this is…:

 “the most politically charged counterintelligence investigation since the Soviets stole the secret of the atomic bomb”.

Matthews’ response?  Instead of reminding Weiner that there is nothing anywhere near a smoking gun here, he answered that:

  I’m harkening back the Venona encryptions. I’m going back to Venona. I’m going back to the way we got all the communications between Moscow and America during and before the second World War. That kind of stuff.”   

In case you are unaware, the Venona Project was a decades-long initiative pursued by our National Security Agency (NSA) in which encrypted transmissions to and from the USSR were intercepted, decrypted and analyzed.  Therefore,  Chris Matthews’ response suggests there is a significant counterintelligence component to Trump and a few of his people communicating with Russia.

OK, Chris:  what were the communications about?  Where is your compelling evidence?  Or uncompelling evidence?  Or ANY evidence at all, that anything which would in any way involve intelligence issues was discussed by any of these people?

If the answer is that you don’t have any – and that is EXACTLY what the answer is – then what the eff are you even talking about?

But wait.  Let’s not forget Malcolm Nance.

Not to be outdone by Matthews and Weiner, Nance had this to say:

“I think that this scandal is unique in all of American history. This would be the equivalent of the British, you know, running Abraham Lincoln or actually funding Jefferson Davis to take over the United States. This is — there has never been anything like this,”

Uh, Mr. Nance:  you think this is unique in all of American history?  The equivalent of a foreign country installing some kind of manchurian candidate to take over the United States?

Based on WHAT, Mr. Nance?  What was said?  Communicated?  What was promised?  Threatened?  WHAT?

Again, the answer is….nothing.  Because Malcolm Nance, like Tim Weiner and Chris Matthews, does not have even one iota of evidence that any such thing occurred.  The fact that he didn’t offer any wasn’t because he forgot, it was because there isn’t any.

Remember:  this is not some Law & Order episode where we all know who committed the crime but McCoy is having trouble getting legal rulings that allow him to prove it.  We have exactly NO evidence that ANYTHING took place of ANY criminal, or even mildly misbegotten activity at all.

How sad that these people so driven by hatred that they can invent paranoid fantasies and then pump them out on TV, as they had f any evidence to support those fantasies.

Or, put another way, that’s Chris Matthews and MSNBC for you.

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