To the surprise of no one with even a small degree of sentience, with have this, from Richard Pollock’s article for

A Chinese-owned company operating in the Washington, D.C., area hacked Hillary Clinton’s private server throughout her term as secretary of state and obtained nearly all her emails, two sources briefed on the matter told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

The Chinese firm obtained Clinton’s emails in real time as she sent and received communications and documents through her personal server, according to the sources, who said the hacking was conducted as part of an intelligence operation.

The Chinese wrote code that was embedded in the server, which was kept in Clinton’s residence in upstate New York. The code generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails and forwarded them to the Chinese company, according to the sources.

Can this possibly be a surprise?

Hillary Clinton – Secretary of State, thus the chief foreign officer of the United States, spent four years in that position using a personal server.  A personal server – i.e. a server that the nerdy kid down the block probably could have hacked without working too hard at it.

How could China, or any foreign nation with intelligence capabilities, not have been able to do the same in about one second flat?

And how can anyone with a functioning cerebrum accept Clinton’s explanation that she didn’t have, or know that she had, classified information passing through that server.

The SECRETARY OF STATE didn’t know that she would get any CLASSIFIED INFORMATION for the FOUR YEARS she held that position?  You would need an IQ under 34 to buy that utter BS…

…or a love of Hillary Clinton/hate of Republicans in general and Donald Trump in particular, so great that it would cause you to claim you buy that utter BS.

But, hey, nothing to see here.  Just a little whoopsie.  I mean you can’t blame Hillary Clinton for being grossly negligent extremely careless, can you? (Sorry – had to change the wording so it wouldn’t have any legal implications…wink, wink).

The free pass handed to Hillary Clinton by our mainstream media for this, and for her direct, fully evidenced, absolutely indisputable collusion with foreign nationals to affect the 2016 election, is, in my opinion, the single greatest scandal of my lifetime.

And it continues to this day.



  • Does that prove there was
    – – – – N o . . . R u s s i a n . . . C o l l u s i o n

    Just some Chinese Collusion

  • Does that prove there was
    – – – – N o . . . R u s s i a n . . . C o l l u s i o n

    Just some Chinese Collusion

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