From the invaluable, if unfortunately named, website, we have these latest data from the city of Chicago:

Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 517
Shot & Wounded: 2476
Total Shot: 2993
Total Homicides: 556

Doesn’t Chicago have among the strictest gun control laws of any major city in the country – arguably, the strictest of all?

Still think stricter gun control laws reduce gun violence?  Still think that if the preponderance of gun violence is committed by people using illegally obtained guns those laws are going to have any relevance?

If so, I suggest some very fast, very significant rethinking.


  • Those statistics are PROOF that Chi-Town NEEDS stronger gun control. – – – Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 517
    Shot & Wounded: 2476
    Total Shot: 2993

    If you get SHOT in Chi-Town, there is only a 1-in-6 chance that you become an expired citizen (with full voting rights). Five out of Six survive to continue their life of crime.

    With better gun control, urban Illinois criminals would be eliminated at a much faster rate.

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